SEO Tracking options and the reasons behind them

Tracking and analytics is the bread and butter for a successful SEO company all around the world. There are tons of tracking methods that can work to help your business get a better rating and a bigger popularity online, but let’s see how tracking works and how does it pair up with the other tools often utilized by marketing professionals.

Website tracking and analytics:

It’s being said that if a business cannot see the exact performance ratings of its website, then it also won’t be able to improve itself as these numbers serve for seeing what works and what doesn’t. But what are the main numbers that help website tracking get started?

  • Number of visitors per month
  • Click or visit? - it’s not the same and it can be measured who stays and who leaves
  • Organic visits
  • Visit – to –inquiry rate that’s largely called conversion rate – a very important data which shows how many people can your website engage in business.

Let’s say a few words about Conversion Rate as this is among the priority data that’s collected by all professionals and it’s the number one indicator that shows whether the strategy of a business works or not. In today’s world great analytics can be pulled just about everything that’s happening online. Good conversion rate analysis doesn’t only show where does the visitors come from, it can also show why they leave! And this is a very valuable data for a business.

Conversion Rate can be helped by a couple of tools, starting from the optimization and improvement of a website’s content quality, to the implementing of sales campaigns, social media campaigns or PPC campaigns.

Using Google Analytics to its fullest advantage: Google Analytics is a great tracking tool which can be used by anyone, the only problem is, that not everyone will be able to use it constructively. What are the main reasons this tool is used by professionals? * To track website traffic and performance : showing demographics, best and worst ratings * To track conversion rates * To Set up custom tracking methods which are company or business specific

Ad tracking tools:

It is very important not to maintain the belief that tracking tools work just the same when it comes to SEO analytics vs. marketing analytics. A click for SEO means different than a click in a PPC campaign. Let’s see the reasons why.

Tracking the actual result of an ad is very complicated because there are many tools offered for committing ( e.g through Leading page – subscribe, “like”, fill out a form to win etc.) But there are so many ways one can behave after clicking on a PPC ad and lands on your website. Ad trackers show the results of those who:

  • Click then abandon
  • Click, close Landing page look around then leave
  • Click – like Facebook page or commit to another desired action then leave
  • Click - commit to a desired action then goes further and actually opts for shopping or ordering something
  • Click – fills out form, starts with shopping but leaves in the process

These are only some of the variants SEO and marketing ad trackers deal with among many others and in the end all this data is promptly measured by ad trackers and each one of them can serve with a different conclusion.

Call tracking:

Used by most companies which deal partly or fully with telemarketing is to basically measure the success rate for the agents who offer telemarketing services, or extra services to purchase upon order, to measure their success rate (closure rate) and to devise strategies on how they can do even better. The call tracking is way different for those handling incoming calls then for those who are managing outgoing calls as the two approach is organically entirely different.

Also a different approach is require for those reaching out to existing clients then for those who are reaching out to people who do not yet know about their services.

Don’t forget, today it’s not just about who is visiting your website. Today you can even track and target people who have visited similar sites to your business. It is incredible what today’s technology can come up with! So, it’s high time to use it to your advantage. Tracking gets extremely important when it comes to measuring the success rates of a Pay per View campaign and other ad campaigns. The importance lies in efficiency and a good marketing company just has to see what tools work and what don’t.

Don’t forget marketing is not about just dropping out an ad everywhere than wait for the results anymore. One can proactively do so many things for an ad to turn successful. And that’s where a pro SEO company can help your business a big way!